Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s - Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are answers for some important questions users might have regarding Smart Driver Care.

Smart Driver Care ensure secure browsing as it stops malicious ads, banners, and pop-ups to comes through. These malicious items target to track all your online activities which could lead to other online threats in future. The tool will block and prevent all potential threats from infecting your computer.
  • Registry Editor is the backbone of Windows OS. It is a large collection of data which comprises settings and configurations for hardware, programs, and apps installed on the system. When you install a program, the keys and values are embedded in the registry, which allows you to troubleshoot or configure to make changes or repair the program. If a registry is missing or not maintained properly, registry errors occur. They hamper your PC performance.
  • To remove them, run a scan on Smart Driver Care. It will show you all invalid registry entries. To remove them, click ‘Clean Now’ once the scan is complete.
  • When you install an app, within the installation package, you are asked whether you want the app to launch, when your system starts. We mostly ignore, therefore by default, it is set to launch when the system starts. Too many applications starting together can slow down the startup speed of your computer. To reduce the startup time, you need to disable or remove unwanted apps from getting launched on their own.
  • With Smart Driver Care, you get Startup Manager option. It lists all the third party programs along with their status (Safe / Not Safe)that launch when your Windows computer starts. To remove unwanted programs, select the item and click Delete.

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